Mohamed Elgendi

AI Consultant for Complex Healthcare Data

PPG-BP Database

This photoplethysmography and blood pressure (PPG-BP) database integrates the deidentified, comprehensive clinical data of patients admitted to the Guilin People's Hospital in Guilin, China. The openness of the data allows clinical studies to explore and improve the understanding of relationships between cardiovascular health and PPG signals, with the final goal of creating a simple, effective non-invasive detection technology that is easy to use and wearable. This dataset has been collected from 219 subjects, aged 21–86 years, with a median age of 58 years. Males accounted for 48%. The dataset covers several diseases including hypertension, diabetes, cerebral infarction, and insufficient brain blood supply.

Annotation of P and T waves in MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database

The annotation of P and T waves of MIT−BIH Arrhythmia Database is fully described here:

Elgendi M, Eskofier B, Abbott D (2015) Fast T Wave Detection Calibrated by Clinical Knowledge with Annotation of P and T Waves. Sensors 15(7): 17693-17714 

Please cite this publication when referencing this material.

Please click here to download the annotation [Download now], each file contains five variables: Lead I, Lead II, P wave peaks, T wave peaks, and R wave peaks. 

Arm Movement Database 

This was the first data set generated as part of the Institute of Media Innovation research at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The research question motivating the collection of this particular data set was: Can we diagnose hand tremor using Kinect camera?

To download this dataset click on this link [Download now].

Please cite the following publication when referencing this dataset.

Elgendi M, Picon F, Magnenat-Thalmann N, Abbott D (2014) Arm movement speed assessment via a Kinect camera: A preliminary study in healthy subjects.  BioMedical Engineering OnLine  13:88.